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    Tuesday, June 29, 2004

    I'm not racist, I love niggers. And slopes. And Wogs. And Hebes. Not too keen on Leichtensteinians, but.

    The other day, in the pub (not the one I normally go to), I was accused of being a racist. Sort of. Let me tell you the story.
    I was sitting at the bar, having a couple of quiet ones with a bloke I know only distantly, when a voice behind me said "Lend us five bucks."
    There wasn't much of a questioning tone in the voice, instead it was more like the answer "No." had never occurred to him. Turning around, I saw an aboriginal bloke of about twenty years. Looking him in the eye, I said in a very even tone of voice "Go wash my car."
    A very eloquent chap, he said "Huh?"
    "I worked for my money, you can too," I said, "You wash my car and I'll give you five bucks."
    "You can get fucked you racist cunt, you think I"m just a lazy blackfella don't ya?" he was getting fairly worked up by this stage.
    "I think your a parasite, but it's got nothing to do with being a black fella." I said.
    "Hey *****, this cunt thinks I'm just a lazy blackfella!" the young buck yelled, at a very large aboriginal bloke about thirty years old. "Oh-oh." I thought.
    "You ARE just a lazy blackfella!" replied ***** and the tension eased.
    It got me to thinking, though, I reckon I AM racist, but I'm O.K. with it 'cos I don't know anybody who isn't. I don't mean that I live in an enclave of inbred cross-burners, although you could be forgiven for thinking so if you are a fan of the populist media. I mean that I don't know anybody who doesn't form some sort of preconception about other people based on race. It doesn't have to be negative, for example one of the preconceptions I would have if you told me you were Vietnamese is that you were good (or at least studious) at school.
    If you were Lebanese, I'd think you owned a milk-bar.
    Or a Hyundai with three alternators and the world's supply of sub-woofers with the same "Doof" CD as every other Hyundai doing blockies of High Street (In Melbourne that is, don't know any places similar in Sinny or Brisvegas and I don't know if you're allowed out after dark in the city of mass-murder. In Perth it's prolly Northbridge, haven't been there for a while so I dunno.)
    Whatever, the point is, having preconceptions is not by definition evil. A bit insulting, maybe, but not evil. Not unless your preconceptions remain your perception even when contradicted by the evidence.
    And another thing, positive discrimination is STILL discrimination. I used to live in a coastal Queensland town, my boss' daughter (Who was about three - eighth's of an inch away from being the perfect woman in every way, being married with three kids was a drawback I was prepared to overcome. Not being the slightest bit interested in me for anything other than casual conversation proved to be a bit more difficult.) was a P.E. teacher; Health and P.E. I think they call it these days. The entrance requirements for her course at Uni were an O.P. score of 5 or better OR BE OF ABORIGINAL OR TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER DESCENT.
    Nobody will ever convince that a) this isn't racist, or b)this will do any good for aboriginal people in the long term.
    How can having your kids taught by somebody who doesn't have the necessary academic rigour to even legitimately qualify for the subject do them good?
    And how does having them learn that "You don't have to try as hard as those white kids because you're aboriginal and they have to let you in anyway" improve their overall situation, or race relations for that matter.
    The almost-perfect woman went through the course with an aboriginal girl from Woorabinda who had qualified academically for the course, but was continually forced to defend herself because people believed she was the recipient of a free pass. How is that good?
    And don't go to the pub if you're broke, it's a privilege not a right and you earn it by doing something that somebody else thinks is worth paying you for.


    Blogger Jonas said...

    We're getting into dangerous territory here. There's a fair few bloggers that love to get into who they see as racists.

    Having said that, its a tricky thing. When I used to walk down the street in Northbridge, Perth, if I saw a group of Aborigines up ahead, I'd cross the street. I dunno if that's racist or not, but I've been shoved and pushed by enough people of Aboriginal background that it wasn't worth debating whether my actions were racist or mere self preservation.

    6/29/2004 08:52:00 am  
    Blogger Dirk said...

    the other day on TV I saw a stand-up comedian (a black guy, can't remember his name) who did the mandatory observational thing about blacks and whites. Part of the schtick (?) was about the fact that white people these days are so scared of being accused of being racist that they would prefer to be wrong and take the chance of being beaten up rather than offend some innocent black people and cross the road.
    His advice to all white people, if they are walking down a dark street at night and they see a group of young black people coming the other way? "Run. you mutha fuckers, run! It's better to offend someone and be alive than it is to be nice and polite and dead."

    6/29/2004 09:23:00 am  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Walking the other way isn't racist, it's just smart. A real racist would call a carful of his mates and beat the shit out of them with sticks...

    6/29/2004 07:04:00 pm  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm not racist, I'll fuck anyone !

    6/30/2004 01:19:00 am  
    Blogger JG said...

    There's a fair few bloggers that love to get into who they see as racists.And most of them would probably damn Muslims to hell without a second thought about the hypocrisy involved.

    6/30/2004 07:31:00 pm  

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